5 Must Visit Breweries

AZ breweries

As we all know, craft breweries are the new hype, and with good reason. Beer is no longer just Budlite or Corona when your going bigger.  Beer is now a craft and brewers are refining the art of beer making. California, Oregon, and Colorado are some of the known leaders for great craft brewers and breweries. Well Arizona has branched out and brewers here are exploring what they can do.  Check out the 5 places we say to check out.

Arizona Wilderness Brewing Co.- Gilbert, AZ first brewery and a great one at that. They also serve up so tasty burgers. Try the  Peanut Butter and Jalapneo Jelly Burger paired with their Refuge IPA…awesome. They have some tasty sours or sour lovers, and a few unique must try beers. Get the beer sampler to try a variety.

Papago Brewery– One of the original breweries in town, they have been around since 2001, they began before the big craft beer trend. They brew their own and offer delcious beers from around the world as well.

Dragoon Brewing Co.– Located in Tucson, this is Brewery offers there tasting room to sample beers. You can catch a food truck for grub while you sip some of their awesome brews. One of our faves is the Dragoon IPA. It is a true West Coast IPA with fragrant citrus aroma.

Sun Up Brewery- A great Phoenix Brew House founded in 2004. They do some awesome traditional Cask Style ales and other great brews. Their White Russian Stout is bold and flavorful for a big treat!

Beer Research Institute– Somewhat newer brewery that whips up some eclectic brews. They have a great array of Belgian Style Beers. The Intergalactic Saison is up there on my list.

As summer nears, there is no better time than to head out a chill with a pint of some fabulous beer.  There are many great breweries throughout AZ, so you’ve got your pickin’.  If your not sure where to start, head out to one of the recommended places I named above…Cheers!

5 Must Do “Odd” things

the domes, az

If you seek something interesting to do or see, not necessarily a major attraction, but a unique attraction, your at the right place. This post is dedicated to my friend Travis, owner of AZ Carpet Cleaners. He likes to do things out of the norm,  and suggested I write of a few cool odd places in Arizona.  So if you seek to venture out we have gathered 5 places to visit.

Flintstones Bedrock Village. Located in Williams, AZ, just south of the Grand Canyon, Bedrock City is a small attraction with life sized replicas of the Flintstones show. You can camp there and visit their theme park and attractions. Flintstones was a classic, so I guess why not make a real Bedrock.  Odd but fun to change it up from a Scottsdale hotel to camping out with Fred and Wilma Flintstone.

Thornton Road Domes. (Casa Grande) Abandoned now for many years, these domes were originally built for an electronics manufacturing facility. Many eerie things have been reported to occur.  The domes are hard to explain and attract, artists, bums, possibly aliens.  The Domes have been added to Arizona’s list of haunted places because of the sitings of shadowy figure seen creeping around.  Very odd sounds and vibrations have been reported to be heard as well. So we suggest checking it out for yourself and seeing what you see and hear. Continue reading

5 Must Visit AZ Wineries

Winerys az

When you think wineries, usually what immediately pops into mind is Napa, Sonoma, Oregon. Well Arizona has a little to offer the wine industry.According to the the Arizona Wine Growers Asscoiation, Arizona has three main growing regions, all high desert. These three main areas are South of Tucson, in Sonpita, North of Phoenix in Verde Valley, and Southeast of Tucson in Willcox. There are others scattered around the valley, with these three being the main areas.
Whether you are a local Arizona resident or you have the pleasure of visiting the valley, we suggest at least checking out one of these Arizona Wineries.

Javelina Leap (Verde Valley)

This Winery located in North Verde Valley, minutes from Sedona.  During harvest season (August-Ocotber) You can actually watch the wine being made. They have great wines and have won a few awards for their creations. Some favorites are

Javleina Prospectors Blend – 100% Arizona wine. 62% Zinfandel, 24% Merlot, 14% Petite Sirah, Creamy mouth feel, followed by layers of berries, mild spice and a hint of smoke. Nice lingering finish.

Javelina Leap 100% Legacy (Estate) Zinfandel-100% Arizona wine. 5% Petite Sirah and 95% Zinfandel. Nice Garnet color with oak and vanilla on the nose. Boysenberry, honey and vanilla with a mild peppery finish. Continue reading


5 Must Do Activities

Phoenix Arizona is a hub of activity, offering residents and visitors a variety of things to do and check out. Aside from events and popular landmarks, we wanted to give you some activities that are sure to entertain you and your guests while in Phoenix Arizona. Whether you are a thrill-seeker or someone who enjoys to relax, the greater phoenix area will certainly have something for you. There is no way we can capture every activity, but here are some local favorites that are good ones to check off your list, and good ideas to theme your next Arizona outing around.

Limousine Tour – Arizona is home to many premiere limousine companies and chauffeur providers. Whether you are planning to attend a sporting event, a night on the town, or simply want to explore Phoenix in style, a limousine is always a fun option to enhance your Arizona outing. The valley has a variety of great limousine companies to choose from but if you want to ensure you have a great experience, check out our favorite limo company here at Arizona Frontier www.phxlimoservice.com. Continue reading


5 Must See – Festivals/ Events

Arizona’s attractive climate and hospitality has made it home to some of the nations best festivals and activities. Being that Arizona is such a mix demographically there is sure to be a festival that is geared towards your interests and your age group. Here are just a few of the many premiere festivals the state puts on every year to get people out of their house, and into the beautiful weather Arizona has offer. Continue reading

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5 Must See – Sporting Events

The desert is home to many of sports favorite events. With year-long warm weather Arizona has become a premiere destination for professional outdoor sporting events, races, and competitive events. Whether or not you play, or just like to watch, Arizona has all you need to enjoy your favorite sport. Here are just a ideas for sporting events to check out this year in Arizona.

Duna na, Duna na! Continue reading


5 Must Try Restaurants In Phoenix

Phoenix is home to a great collection of dining and entertainment. With a recent influx of new restaurants and bars throughout Phoenix, Scottsdale and the surrounding areas, we thought we would give you a quick list of some restaurants you definitely don’t want to miss. Some of these may be new and you can check them off your list, and some may a good reminder to pay a revisit. Though this is not our master list by any means, these are definitely a handful that you want to checkout, while the season is here. If you feel that we overlooked anything please write to us, or leave your recommendations in the comments below. Continue reading


5 Must See Places In Arizona

Arizona offers a unique desert landscape that draws in thousands of tourists every year. With one of the 7 wonders of the world (the grand canyon), and a variety of other breath taking sceneries and national parks,  It’s no wonder Arizona’s population is growing the way it is. For those first-timers and even long time residents there is no shortage of the beautiful environments to enjoy. With unique rock formations, beautifully painted landscapes, and one of the nations best sunsets, its hard not to fall in love with Arizona. It would take us forever to highlight all that Arizona has to offer, so we decided to start you off with 5 Must See Places, that locals and visitors alike should not go without seeing. If you think we missed anything or want to recommend suggestions for future articles, let us hear from you. Continue reading