5 Must See Places In Arizona

Arizona offers a unique desert landscape that draws in thousands of tourists every year. With one of the 7 wonders of the world (the grand canyon), and a variety of other breath taking sceneries and national parks,  It’s no wonder Arizona’s population is growing the way it is. For those first-timers and even long time residents there is no shortage of the beautiful environments to enjoy. With unique rock formations, beautifully painted landscapes, and one of the nations best sunsets, its hard not to fall in love with Arizona. It would take us forever to highlight all that Arizona has to offer, so we decided to start you off with 5 Must See Places, that locals and visitors alike should not go without seeing. If you think we missed anything or want to recommend suggestions for future articles, let us hear from you.


Horseshoe Bend – Located just outside Page Arizona, Horse Shoe Bend offers visitors a unique visual experience as the colorado river makes an incredible meander, in the shape of a horse shoe. With dog friendly accessible hiking trails, and a couple incredible vantage points to enjoy scenic views and photos.


Cathedral Rock – Cathedral Rock is a formation that sits in the heart of Sedona, and is must see for new comers and returning Sedona visitors. Offering a gorgeous 360 view of Sedona and a variety of trails for beginners and more advance hikers alike.


Antelope Canyon – Antelope canyon is a unique rock formation, that offers hikers and photographers the opportunity to see and capture the beauty of an Arizonian slot canyon. Divided into what is called upper Antelope Canyon, and Lower Antelope Canyon, the two ends offer different experience. Lower Antelope Canyon is traditionally less populated and more tricky to navigate due to its ladder access and tight slots throughout the trail.


Desert Botanical Garden – Established by the Arizona Cactus and Native Flora Society in 1937, the Desert Botanical Gardens is a collection of beautiful rare native plant varietals, that showcases the beauty that Arizona has to offer. Hosting seasonal themed events as well, the Desert Botanical Gardens is a great place for natives and tourists alike to enjoy all the beauty that Arizona has to offer.

havasupai-falls-must-see-arizona 2

Havasupai Falls – See we all know the Grand Canyon is must see in Arizona, but have you heard of havasupai falls? Tucked away in the vastness of the canyon is a a sanctuary that offers visitors a magical experience of red rock, and luscious blew water falls. Accessible by foot and donkey, the hike is moderate to easy and there are camping points that offer showers and bathrooms. havasupai falls is unlike anything in Arizona, and will quickly make you understand why its such a sought out destination.

In Short 

Arizona has more to offer than we could ever sum up in one article, but these 5 destinations are an excellent place to start. Whether your planning a trip, or looking for new destinations to explore in your own backyard, Arizona will not disappoint. Get lost in the Grand Canyon, hike the beautiful mountain tops, and soak up the gorgeous sun. If you have a passion for the outdoors, and local events check out all there is to see and do here at Arizona Frontier.