5 Things You Will Experience in the AZ Summer

hot az summersArizona is a bit of hot hell during the summer months of June to September. September can still prove to be a bit brutal, but when you are on the home stretch to near be done with it’s intensity, it’s almost not as bad.  We have put together 5 things you most likely will experience if you are in good old Arizona during the summer.

  1. 122 degree heat. Yep, even if the actual outside temperature doesn’t quite reach that, the inside of your car parked outside for a good while will.  You will fell the wave of over 120 degree heat and know what it means to have your eyeballs burn.
  2. Monsoons. Monsoon Season begins mid June and officially ends the end of September.  The season is most active beginning around mid July and lasting through mid August.  You will have moments of huge Haboobs (intense dust storms), fantastic (and a little scary) lightning storms, strong dusty winds, and moments of blasting rain.  I actually love them.
  3. Burning yourself on a hot piece of metal.  It just happens, not matter how seasoned an Arizonian you are. Whether it’s the seat belt that gets you or some other piece of random metal, you will squeal and most likely retort profanity. It’s inevitable….sorry:/.
  4. Bringing a sweater with you when it’s 115 degrees outside. Crazy to think this would even happen, but it does.  Many places keep their a/c very low and you freeze. So yes, you carry a sweater around in your scorching car to save yourself from freezing in a building, only to burn up and become exhausted from the temperature differences outside.
  5. Midnight temperatures of 102 degrees.  Who ever thought at midnight it would still be so hot.  Well this happens, especially after a few record breaking high heat days.  Pools do not cool down, cars do not cool down, you are hot, you are grumpy, everyone is hot, everyone is grumpy. So the next morning you wake up to grab your sweater and go to work..haha!

These are just a few things that you will experience at one time or another in the Arizona summer.  Some others that you are hopefully fortunate to not experience are the break down of your home or car a/c, witnessing an animal left in a vehicle mid day with the windows up ( errr..so sad, but you’d be surprised at how often this occurs), and melted lipstick, cds, and chocolate bars.

This was a fun one to write as I sit outside of Starbucks dripping sweat, because I forgot my sweater and inside the coffee shop is just to damn cold!