5 Things to make living in AZ better

Arizona offers a beautiful desert landscape and vibrant sunsets. The winters are mild….and well the summers can be fierce. If your new to the Grand Canyon State, you  might want to read my last post. There are a few things that just happen here during the summer. We’ve decided to put together a list of 5 things that will make living in Arizona a better experience. These are just our recommendations and a fun post to write.


A Swimming Pool. It is summer as I write this, and that may have something to do with it:). We recently just had a pool built in our backyard. By the way, Pool Remodel Phoenix did a fabulous job on our new pool and backyard design. A swimming pool in your backyard or very near you will make living in Arizona a lot more comfortable during the summer months. A pool can be enjoyed during the majority of the year. Arizona is one state where the addition of a pool will also add value to your property.

A Set of Clubs. Arizona has a lot of golf courses….and some pretty spectacular ones at that. Every year the Phoenix Open is held in North Scottsdale and people travel from many areas of the world to golf in Arizona. Even if your not a pro golf maniac, having a set up clubs to take to the local course is recommended. Sunset driving range and a beer afterwords is one of my faves.

A Water Softener. Arizona is known for it’s hard water. That water clogs drains, is nasty to drink and leaves bad water marks. Investing in a water softener is highly recommended and will bring you a lot of value.

Solar Panels.  I mean with the amount of sun Arizona receives, Solar is the way to go. Why not harness the power of the sun, save money and contribute to a healthier environment all at the same time? Even if you just go solar hot water, it’s worth looking into.

Sun Shades. Obviously there is an abundant amount of sun available, especially if we are suggesting a pool and solar panels. You will be very happy if you invest in some good sun shades for your home. Protect your property from the harsh sun, protect your skin from the harmful UV Rays, and keep cooler in the summer. Window tinting for your automobiles is also highly recommended. You would be surprised tha mount of sun damage people experience from just driving in their cars in Arizona. Fall and winter may be cooler, but the sun still shines bright.

Obviously not all the items we listed may be practical for you or your home. If your planning to hunker down in the desert of Arizona for awhile, we believe the above items will make your residency more pleasurable.

If you are worn out from the summer, check out our post on some of the places to see in Arizona. Many are located in northern Arizona and offer some relief from the heat.

Thanks for reading! Stay safe..Stay Hydrated!